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The 440 Train by Linda Colucci Is Comfort Food for the Mind


Author Linda Colucci has written a book that is what I call a “comfortable read.” It is filled with personal truth and spirituality that lets you interpret your beliefs and feelings in your own way. It took about five years to write and Linda says, “It’s a real personal journey for everyone who reads this.”

It’s about four women in their 40s, along with their supporting male significant others, learning about themselves. They are guided, driven or lead – depending on your interpretation, to a common place and time. These are real modern women, experiencing sometimes high and low points in their lives. When you read this you can really relate to each of these four women’s experiences.

Are these real people? “These women are loosely based on people I know with a mixture of fiction.” Linda explains, “It was originally supposed to be an article about four women in the 40s and how we all met.”

The 440 Train is cleverly broken down into very concise chapters sprinkled with poetry and artwork that helps the flow of the story.

The scrolls of poetry came from Linda’s other passion. “I was going to write a separate book of poetry,” explains Linda, “Then everyone said, ’did you ever think of adding your poetry to your book?’ I then decided to put in my poetry.”

“I feel everything about this book has been divinely guided for me,” Linda proclaims. For myself, as I read this book, I was impressed at how it read. I would say it’s like a soft warm pillow for your mind. Men and women of all ages, belief systems, genders and lifestyles will really enjoy this book.

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