Malibu, Ca. – Present Day

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Glancing at my eyes in the visor-mirror, I suddenly shuddered, remembering that day when God told me to look in the mirror. I’m not sure why I had such a strong recall after all these years. Maybe the song playing on the radio triggered the feeling or perhaps it was simply a “thank you” coming from my soul for changing the path I had been traveling on. Whatever it was, I’m glad it passed. In fact, I’m glad it was my past and I’m truly grateful to be right where I am now.
As Thomas and I pulled into the Malibu Beach parking lot, the sun shone brightly on the Pacific Ocean. I rolled down the window. The force from the wind and sound of the waves were invigorating.
“Ummm … smells good.” I took in the lingering scent of salt water and crisp air.
We got out of the car and stood looking at the ocean in appreciation. Behind designer sunglasses, my eyes adjusted to the glittering brightness of the shoreline where millions of tiny sun-beamed crystals danced on the water’s surface.
“Do you see any of your friends?” I asked.
“Nope, not yet. We’re the first ones here, and we will be for awhile,” Thomas said, grinning.

“Why? What do ya mean?” I asked inquisitively.
He kissed me gently, then smiled. “I thought we could enjoy some time alone here.”
“Sounds good to me—I’d actually like to do some more writing for the greeting card line while it’s nice and quiet.”
“See, don’t I always know what my girl needs?”
“Yes you do, Thomas, you’re a true romantic.”
I watched my handsome, rock-n-roll-stylish man as he walked towards the water with the wind sweeping through his long, wavy, brown hair. His fair skin was already turning golden with an early summer tan. He was wearing a skin-tight, blue tee-shirt that defined his chiseled muscles above tattered denim shorts, which enhanced his manly body. After a decade together, we could still turn each other on in a heartbeat and make each other blush.
I stopped admiring the man I love and started to unload the car. He continued to scout a location for our set-up as a few people walking their dogs passed by. Fortunately, the beach wasn’t crowded.
“Let’s go over there, near those big rocks.”
I looked to where he was pointing. “Oh, yeah, I love the rocks.”
“It’s pretty amazing to think they’ve been here for millions of years,” he said.
“It sure is.” My mind drifted to a faraway time when dinosaurs roamed the earth and whales inhabited the land as well as the sea. The squawk of a boisterous seagull snapped me back to the present moment.
“Marlo, please give a hand here!”
“You think we can take all this stuff in one trip?” I wondered.
“Heck yeah, you ate your fruit and grains today, didn’t you?”
“Uh-huh.” I made a muscle with my right arm. He nodded, impressed.
We loaded up and walked along the shoreline. It was a good hike. When we finally reached the rocks, I didn’t waste a moment before dropping the heavy gear.
“I can’t believe we’ve never been to this spot before,” I said.
“It’s a real treasure, isn’t it?” he replied, pleased. I just smiled.
Thomas dug a deep hole in the sand for the umbrella while I spread out a blanket and unfolded a low beach chair. When I finished setting up camp, I stood in silence just watching the waves, feeling their mist, and inhaling the breeze. My breath slowed. I felt calmer, regenerated once again by Nature. It reminded me of my peaceful mountain days in Jersey and the journey that brought me to this day and this place…