I thank you, love you, bless you, and am grateful for:
My Mom and Dad whose support, unconditional love and ancestral talents helped birth this novel.
Dennis, my husband, who has been a beacon of light welcoming and encouraging my creativity for twenty-seven years, and has always loved me just as I am.
Every beautiful woman in my life whose strengths, vulnerabilities, intuitiveness and powerful peaceful hearts inspired me to write a story that dances between fact and fiction. Yes, I’m talking about you!
My fantastic, fun family, both blood and through marriages.
My two handsome brothers whose respect and friendship go far beyond the bloodline. I love you, Bros!
All the men in my life who help balance the male and female energy we share.
The magical world of the ‘Unseen’ for without your guidance I wouldn’t be who I am today.
The Animal Totems who help keep me grounded.
My God Children who entrust me as their spiritual mother. Wisely and humbly teaching me so much.
All my Four-Legged Children, whose physical touch in the “here and now” is rooted and pure.
And for those in Spirit whose illumination soothes me with eternal love.
With gratitude, admiration and humility, I thank:
Barbara Childs and Del Golden who cheered the birth of this book.
Sean McKenna and Mike Austin from X-site Media, whose friendly computer wiz talents permit me to write with ease (and updated software).
Danielle Hoon and Scott Pitters from Pulp Art Surfaces, for your eclectic marketing ideas.
All the people who have proofread versions of this book and honestly gave me their opinions, especially Valerie Riccardi, who continually encouraged me to dig deeper.
Phoebe Sharp, a.k.a ‘Eagle Eyes,’ an avid reader, subtle teacher and family friend for three decades.
Maria Crudele-Vietmeier who answered my prayer with your gift of insight and knowledge, causing a blessed domino effect on the finishing touches. Gracie Bella!
Barbara Schiffman, a skilled editor, gifted writer, and wise soul who edited this novel with a supportive and steadfast pen. As if like a crystal tumbler, she smoothed the rough edges and brought out the shine keeping the integrity of the original piece. Then guided me to Connie. Wow!
Connie Kudura for gently and professionally text/formatting the manuscript into a dazzlingly clean tangible form. And introducing me to Monte.
Monte Farris, whose graphic art expertise and perception highlight the book cover simply yet profoundly.
Kim McElroy for the outstanding book cover you painted. Your magical meditative connection and gifted hand brought ‘Her’ from the Invisible world to the Visible. Stunning!
Coming full circle to my Dad, whose heart-felt sketches complement and hold the energy of each chapter break and poem throughout the book. And Mom who showed me at a very young age that reading a book can open a door to self-discovery.

Mother/Father God. I Love You in all ways, Always.

Mother Earth, you are my Heart.